"An endless journey through Hell. You pilot an airliner between fiery rock formations as demons hurl pitchforks of damnation. Pick up and drop off your accursed passengers as you ferry them to their final destination. We love to die, and it shows."

Inspired by RED EYE famicom design by Brent Ashe [http://famicase.com/18/softs/112.html]

Arrows control the plane. Pick up passengers. Drop them off. Demons and rocks make you lose passengers. If you don't have the security of passengers to lose, each collision slightly rearranges your surroundings.

Made for https://itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cover-2018 


Uses this screen effect: https://blokatt.itch.io/bktglitch 

Some graphics taken from flaticon.com

Everything else (including music) created by Atomic Toilet.


Install instructions

Windows 10 might think the installer .exe [v1.1] is dodgy (apparently a common complaint with Gamemaker executables), so if that's the case, try the single runtime exe [v1.1b] or the zip file.


RED EYEv1.1.exe 21 MB
RED EYEv1.1b.exe 21 MB
RED EYEv1.1.zip 25 MB

Development log


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Holding backwards can cause a bug at the beginning of a level..

Some white lights of hopes were not capable at standing where I could pick them up but well done nontheless

Hola! Cheers for the comments, Kai! I'm tweaking it a little at the moment :)