v2 [bug fixes!!!!!]

You can see the list of bug fixes on the main page, but I figured I'd post on here just as an extra way to highlight that the game actually properly works now.  Also, that I didn't make any other tweaks to it - it still looks basic, the sprites still don't flip to face the right direction, and the Player still spazs out if it catches up the cursor - none of these things actually affect the game itself though, so they're unchanged. 

My initial idea was to have an actual 2D/2.5D city space to roam around, chasing Souls, which maybe at some point I'll do, but other projects will likely come first. Plus, to be honest, this super basic version is really growing on me because it gets more ridiculous with each level until the screen's filled with panicking Souls and rampaging demons.

In any case, I hope you like it and it at least gives you a few minutes of enjoyment!



SCARE CITY v2 [bug fixes/stable and playable] 47 MB
Mar 27, 2018


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