My parents have come to visit me in Colombia so I only had an hour or so spare to do this,  but I still did it! 

The theme for HEART JAM (by Heartbeast, whose Gamemaker vids are grade-A learning material) is/was scarcity. Obviously, I made it into a terrible pun name. And the idea of scarcity is that it's some kind of resource that's limited or hard to find, so I got a little existential and decided that 'safety' would be that resource.

And for the poor souls in Scare City to find safety, they'd need to be harvested by Death. 

I had a bunch of extra ideas in mind, including: 

Death gets slower the more souls he saves, as they weigh on his own empty existence. He would then have to either release them in a set 'safe area' and then try and get the rest, or risk it and keep getting slower but rescue more souls.

Death can dash in short bursts.

If a demon hits Death, they steal all his souls!

But I'm knackered and it's my bedtime, so all those ideas can wait, or wither away in development hell. 

Ciao for now!


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