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As a park ranger, you've worked in these woods for years...so how did you manage to get so lost? If you can find your way back to the cabin, you're sure everything will be fine...


  • Survival horror, where avoidance and constant movement are priority.
  • Procedurally-generated levels! Something is affecting the woods themselves, constantly changing their layout.
  • Binaural beats to help create a feeling of unease - wear headphones and you might feel a bit queasy.
  • 2 game modes - WEIRD, which is maybe a bit easier; and CRUEL, which is the default setting (this affects the amount of random generation).

WASD = movement. 

Avoid everything else.

Find the cabin.

Survive the woods.

Everything in the game created by me, except the main font, which is by Brian Kent, and the screen effect, which is courtesy of the BktGlitch shader by Blokatt.

Created for GHOST JAM! 

Install instructions

Just double-click to install/play. Easy peasy!



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