A downloadable game

June 2017 - working on SUPER COLLIDER as part of this game jam: https://itch.io/jam/game-dev-n...

11th June - I realised I won't have this finished to an acceptable standard in time to submit it :( 

I mean, it technically works right now, but it looks a bit of a mess and the win/lose conditions don't always trigger, so the central concept (of absorbing scientists, getting faster, and reaching critical mass) basically works but it's not really playable. 

HOWEVER. Since it's sooooo close to being complete (I also need to write music for it) I'll polish it off and get it up here!

13th June - fixed the win and lose conditions! Plus added animation changes to signal the player reaching critical mass (win) and/or high pain (lose), so there's a bit more visual depth/feedback/whatever you want to call it.